Project Delivery and Methodology

Our approach to delivering the best and most suitable technology to a client is constantly evolving with technology and individual client's requirements. We constantly monitor new products, workplace practices, and industry trends and tie these to the client's technology aspirations.

Our project implementation strategy is to create a collaborative relationship between The Client, The Integration Contractor and The Maintenance provider to ensure that the design, implementation and ongoing operation of the system are considered at all times throughout the life of the project.

We don't believe in providing technology for "technology sake" and aim to ensure that clients will achieve improved performance in communication, collaboration and workplace efficiency as a result of the technology tools we help provide.

We provide advice on:
  •   Procurement strategy
  •   Implementation strategy
  •   Commissioning strategy & process
  •   Operation procedures
  •   Ongoing maintenance and systems improvements planning

We ensure that our designs and systems are in line with the client's budget constraints and expectations however, we ensure that the expectations of performance and reliability are maintained. Through our experience and constant contact within the industry we pride ourselves on our ability to provide "on budget" designs and projects